Pretty Incredible

August 17th, 2011 by

The kids at these schools want water projects installed, so much so that they’re willing to sacrifice their precious candy money to help fund projects. Of course we’re not trying to extract money from the kids, and the amount raised is not much (3 pesos per student or about $0.06.) Its not about needing to fill the gap as much as it is teaching kids to take ownership of the project. It is no longer a western santa claus coming through town dispersing aid, but a project they can take pride in knowing they helped fund. The reaction we’ve got so far is great. Kids seem genuinely excited to donate a few pesos. We’ll be explaining this process more as time goes on, it’s still in the test phases but it seems like a winner. Basically, kids in a third world nation whose parents earn less than a dollar a day are willing to donate… are you?

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