What We Do


  • We start off by going from school district to school district and coordinating with superintendents to locate every school in each district without adequate access to water.
  • We work with local water experts to survey at every location and determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to bring water to the school.
  • We partner with the local government and military to bring free transportation and labor sources to the schools. This allows us to lower the price of installing the water project by greatly reducing labor costs.
  • We help each student take ownership of the project by asking them to donate a small amount towards the project. We are not about charity; we are teaching students that they can make a difference.
  • We install the water project!
  • We give basic hygiene lessons at each school, as well as teaching basic maintenance of the system.
  • We stay accountable with the project. We have people actively living and working in the Philippines that principals can contact personally if there is a problem.
  • Finally, we move on to the next school and do it all over again! Interested in helping to fund a water project?